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F*ck You 2020 Kiss My Ass

F*ck you, 2020. If I were a boxer, like Rocky Balboa, I’d paint 2020 on a punching bag and wail on the damn thing. 2020, I spit on you, stomp on you, and am not sorry to see you go. Get the hell out of here and don’t come back. You were an unwelcome guest,…
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5 Horrorific Movies to Ring in the New Year – Auld Lang Die!

I’m a horror host, so watching good (and mostly bad) horror movies is what I do. Of course the market is saturated with movies set on, around and having to do with Halloween. What about other holidays? In recent years a slew of Christmas horror films have emerged and there is the occasional Valentine’s Day…
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REQUESTING FACEBOOK HELP! I’ve been on Facebook for about 12 years. I have a public figure page, a personal page and a company page for Night-Frights. Facebook has always been ridiculous with some of their rules. When I first tried to create an account, I was told I couldn’t create an account for Evelle LeChat…
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Have a Bloody Gruesome Haunted Scary Sexy Halloween

Ahh, Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve, just saying (or typing) the words gets my heart racing. My love affair with Halloween began in infancy. My mother, a horror queen, instilled a passion in me that grew into a way of life. It was not fueled by Halloween, but rather by horror itself. Yet,…
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Someone Stole My Casket and I Want it Back NOW

Okay, so if you’ve ever visited me at a horror convention or watched my TV show, Night-Frights, you know that I have (had, wipes tear) a classic toe-pincher coffin and a newer gloss black casket. The coffin was much lighter and easier to transport so that is the one people most associate with me. The…
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