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Where horror is a way of life every day.


Come see us at a horror convention, vampire ball or other horror-related event near you. We love to meet our fans!


We have clothing, collectibles, decor, DVDs, jewelry, makeup and ghoulish goodies. We are also the exclusive retailers for Vampire Attire TM.


We have clips from some wonderful old classic horror movies and some more modern ones, as well.


We love HORROR and hope you do, too!

Evelle has been involved in the horror industry her entire life and her obsession with all-things horror is infectious. She loves spreading the joy (and dread) of anything related to the dark, gothic, misty side of life (and death). There is beauty in the ashes of darkness.



Evelle appears at horror conventions, haunted houses, vampire balls and other spooky events. (She also gets to hang out with some VERY cool people!)

Evelle & Count Gore de Vol

Evelle met Count Gore (Dick Dyzel) many years ago at a horror convention. Gore was hungry and Evelle gladly obliged.

Evelle & Elvira

Evelle & Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) met decades ago. Cassie says,” We’re just a couple of ‘ol show girls still kickin it.”

Dr. Shocker & Evelle

Dr. Shocker, aka Daniel Roebuck, is not only a talented actor, but a very nice man. He resurrected Evelle into the new Vampira.



Horror people are the best! Here are some fan comments:

Evelle is crazy, kooky and bizarre. I love it! The movies are not nearly as entertaining as the commercials and commentary.

Brent T.

Evelle was born to be a horror host. She is the most macabre person I’ve ever met! The show is non-stop fun fun fun!

Janie B.

Evelle never ceases to amaze me. I thought I was actually looking at the real Vampira. It was as if she was a ghost.

Joseph B.

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