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Category: Movie Reviews

5 Horrorific Movies to Ring in the New Year – Auld Lang Die!

I’m a horror host, so watching good (and mostly bad) horror movies is what I do. Of course the market is saturated with movies set on, around and having to do with Halloween. What about other holidays? In recent years a slew of Christmas horror films have emerged and there is the occasional Valentine’s Day…
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Retrospective: Salem’s Lot Turns 40 – A Look Back

Salem’s Lot Turns 40 – Celebrating a Jewel of a Vampire Movie Today, November 17, 2019, we are paying tribute to the 1979 film, Salem’s Lot. The movie, based on Stephen King’s brilliant novel from 1975, aired exactly 40 years ago as a two-part miniseries on CBS. Salem’s Lot, following the success of Carrie, helped…
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