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Adorning one’s body with jewelry is an ancient tradition. Wearing jewelry is a wonderful way to express yourself to others. Jewelry makes a statement when no words are required. Jewelry is universally a favorite gift because it is a tangible item that can be kept and enjoyed for a long time.


At Night Frights we know a lot about jewelry. We design and/or manufacture most of our products. We buy our components in England, Italy, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Vietnam, not China. We have the ability to customize most items for you. If you want another color, stone or size, we can usually accommodate your requests. If you have a sensitivity or allergy, we can make changes.


Night Frights sells jewelry in three different categories: costume; fashion; and fine. We want you to be happy with your purchases and know what to expect. We provide as much information as possible to help you make informed decisions with your purchases.

Please familiarize yourself with the differences:

  • COSTUME – Costume jewelry is intended for limited use. It is something that will accessorize and complete an outfit. It is generally not intended for daily wear. Costume jewelry is usually made of a base metal such as brass or copper and is then electroplated with a light layer of silver, gold or rhodium. The stones, if any, are usually glued in rather than being set in prongs or bezels. The stones, if any, are usually glass, crystal, plastic or some other synthetic material. Links will not be soldered. Costume jewelry cannot be sized. Many items are adjustable. Costume jewelry is the least expensive category of jewelry.
  • FASHION – Fashion jewelry is moderate in quality. Most fashion jewelry items are appropriate for wear on a regular basis. Fashion jewelry constitutes the majority of jewelry for sale. Fashion jewelry may be made out of base metals such as brass, copper, stainless steel, zinc or a precious metal such as sterling silver. Fashion jewelry may contain genuine or synthetic gemstones. The stones, if any, may be glued, bezel set or prong set. Links may not be soldered. Some fashion jewelry items can be sized.
  • FINE – Fine jewelry is the best quality of jewelry you can buy. Fine jewelry is set in sterling silver, gold or platinum. If there are stones present, fine jewelry will contain genuine or lab-grown gemstones. The stones will be hand set into bezel, invisible, pave’ or prong settings. Links are hand soldered. Most fine jewelry items can be sized. Fine jewelry, if properly cared for, can last a lifetime and be passed down to future generations. Fine jewelry is made by hand and requires exquisite artisan skills and craftsmanship. Many fine jewelry items are one-of-a kind. Fine jewelry is the most expensive category of jewelry due to the materials and workmanship involved.


You should always remove your jewelry before washing your hands, bathing or swimming. Chlorine is highly damaging even to gold, so never wear your jewelry while swimming.

Jewelry polishing cloths specifically designed for jewelry are the best way to clean items. There are specific cloths designed for removing tarnish from sterling silver.

Items containing soft stones such as coral, emeralds, opals, pearls or turquoise should NEVER be cleaned with chemicals, put into any ultra-sonic cleaners, scrubbed with brushes or put into water.

The only items that should ever be put into ultra-sonic cleaners are fine jewelry items without gemstones, such as a solid gold wedding band. The vibrations can cause fractures and loosen the settings of gemstones. Many cleaners generate heat which can destroy gemstones.

If you have an item that is especially dirty, or when in doubt, leave the cleaning up to a professional.