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You asked for it – Welcome to the Night-Frights’ Ghoulish Goodies store!

If your taste leads you to black, leather, chains, bats and capes, you have found the right place! Evelle has spent a lifetime acquiring gothic antiques and enough black clothes to sink a ship and she is now sharing her Ghoulish Goodies with you.

We have something for everyone, whether your taste leans toward classic horror, goth or steampunk. We’re adding new merchandise every month. Please check back often.

Evelle searches the globe for creepy, edgy, sexy merchandise just for you. Each item was hand selected or designed by Evelle for you, the true horror lover. If you live horror every day, as Evelle does, you know how difficult it can be to find items that appeal to your lifestyle. In a world of plaid and flowers, where do those of us who prefer skulls and spiders shop? Right here on Night Frights!

If you are searching for something we don’t have, please drop us a note and if possible, we’ll order it or produce it for you. We want to become THE source for all things horror.

Why shop at Night-Frights?

  • We are an independent USA small-business seller.
  • Your privacy and security are very important to us and we will never share your information.
  • We offer personalized services such as gift wraps, customization and custom-designed services.
  • We buy our jewelry supplies from India, Italy, Turkey and the USA, not China.
  • All items are personally selected by a true macabre horror host who understands the lifestyle of those who embrace the dark side.
  • We don’t drop ship. What does that mean? Most sellers simply have arrangements with manufacturers and they process orders. They don’t actually have the merchandise in hand that they are selling to you. Most times, they have only seen a photo and haven’t personally inspected the items they sell. We don’t do business that way. We buy or manufacture our items. We personally inspect the items and they are scrutinized before they are sent to you.
  • We are the only place where you can get custom-designed gothic jewelry. Want a charm bracelet with a zombie, witch, skull and spider on it? Want sterling silver ear wires instead of stainless steel? No problem, we will make it for you.
  • We are the exclusive retailers for Vampire Attire clothing. Want a purple gown with black spider web sleeves, a black corset with red laces or a custom velvet tailcoat? Just send us your measurements and we will make it happen.
  • We are as environmentally friendly and “green” as possible. We recycle everything. We don’t include unnecessary paperwork and we reuse boxes. Our packing materials are made from recycled content.
  • We support causes that matter.
  • We appreciate our customers and you matter to us!

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