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Tag: happy new year

F*ck You 2020 Kiss My Ass

F*ck you, 2020. If I were a boxer, like Rocky Balboa, I’d paint 2020 on a punching bag and wail on the damn thing. 2020, I spit on you, stomp on you, and am not sorry to see you go. Get the hell out of here and don’t come back. You were an unwelcome guest,…
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5 Horrorific Movies to Ring in the New Year – Auld Lang Die!

I’m a horror host, so watching good (and mostly bad) horror movies is what I do. Of course the market is saturated with movies set on, around and having to do with Halloween. What about other holidays? In recent years a slew of Christmas horror films have emerged and there is the occasional Valentine’s Day…
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