Frequently Asked Questions

What is Night Frights?

A recent magazine article described it as follows and I think they summed it up very well:

"Night Frights Classic Horror Movies with Evelle LeChat is a cable-access television show that is broadcast on stations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The show can also be seen on the web at Night Frights features classic and newer horror movies and the show frequently includes famous guests, skits, fun trivia, and outrageous commercials. The show's host, Evelle LeChat, the Vixen of Vamp, is a campy, naughty French tease horror host. Evelle is also a Vampira look-a-like and is a frequent guest at horror conventions."

What is your favorite thing about being a horror host?

Meeting other horror fans and hosts at conventions and other events.

What is your favorite genre of horror movie?

Vampire movies

What is your favorite horror movie?

Dracula (1931)

Who is your favorite horror actor?

Vincent Price

How do you feel about being compared to Elvira?

Cassandra Peterson is a lovely woman, both inside and out, and a great horror host. I am very complimented by any comparisons to her. I actually feel my approach to horror is more similar to Vampira's than to Elvira's.

Who do you want to work with or meet?

I want to work with anyone involved in the horror industry. I love to act. I would feel as if I died and went to heaven if I got to work with Tim Burton or Johnny Depp. I would also like to work with Charles Band. He is a very nice man, and I love his work. I also like to support independent filmmakers and I do everything I can to help promote them.

What kind of things do you receive from fans?

Usually, just nice letters. Occasionally I receive some great artwork such as the following: