Meet Evelle


Evelle is our little Vixen of Vamp. Evelle came to Arkansas by way of Cairo and Paris (talk about culture shock!). Evelle modeled and danced her way across Europe scouring the countryside for the perfect horror experience. Evelle has always been fascinated by the macabre. While in Europe, she toured castles and developed a true appreciation for all things gothic. To Evelle, horror is not just about a costume, some makeup and experiencing it one day a year on Halloween. To Evelle, horror is a way of life, a way of thinking, of being. Horror is not about evil or embracing darkness, it is about excitement, awakening the senses, and about an acceptance of those who are different. There is beauty in the art, the gothic architecture, the clothing, and the attitudes that classically portray "horror". Although she may appear serious, Evelle has a silly, funny side and a very wry sense of humor. Evelle is a vegetarian, but she peacefully cohabitates with carnivores, who enjoy dining on dead flesh. The correct spelling of her last name is LeChat and it is pronounced le-SHOT.

We are very proud of Evelle. In 2010 the Dark Carnival filmmakers and HorrorHound magazine decided to conduct a nationwide search for a Vampira look-a-like in honor of the late Maila Nurmi, the original Vampira. Evelle was honored to be chosen and was resurrected before a live audience of thousands of fans. Long live Vampira. They even made a movie about the experience and we have a link to the DVDs on our merchandise page.